Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bring a cow...

...win a years worth of frozen coffee.

From the Globe and Mail

“Mr. Chan is also worried cow patties outside the stores could become unsanitary. And he wouldn't want kids petting cows while eating ice cream. 'Hand washing could be an issue for other customers that may be touching or petting a cow at the same time they're consuming a Dairy Queen product,' he said.

But Dairy Queen's Ms. Ponath — ‘a farm girl from way back’ — thinks the concerns are overblown.

‘Cows are vegetarian. If they do poop in your driveway, it's good stuff. And with the cows sticking their heads through the window . . . we'll sanitize the drive-through after, so it's no big deal. ' "

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, all this poop talk begs me to tell you that my house is pigeon infested and it's non-stop poop. I'm not trying to sell food or icecream though. Have a fun stinkin'hot weekend. JB